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Lecithin Powder

Life Extension Lecithin - 97% Phosphatides De-Oiled - Soy Based Vegan Lecithin Supplement Powder for Brain Health, Liver Health and Detox - Lecithin’s ability to promote cellular membrane health and signaling (as well as the fact that it contains phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylinositol) means it’s ideal for promoting brain health and function. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian - 1 Pound (41 Serving).

Ultra Glucose Control Chocolate – 1LB

Monounsaturated fats to support healthy blood lipid levels.

Metabolic Detox Complete Vanilla

Metabolic Maintenance Metabolic Detox Complete Natural Vanilla Supports detoxification programs and elimination diets.


Magna-Calm is an excellent source of highly absorbable magnesium, from the most bioavailable source - magnesium citrate. The powder has a pleasant, unsweetened natural lemon flavor and a mild effervescence. All ingredients are derived from natural sources.